John Sinclair

There have been several different variations of the Jason Dark’s character John Sinclair. Some of the most popular audiobook series are:

Geisterjäger John Sinclair

Geisterjäger John Sinclair war eine von Tonstudio Braun produzierte Hörspielserie. Sie basierte auf der gleichnamigen Heftromanserie.

John Sinclair Ghost Hunter was an audioplay series produces by Tonstudio Braun from 1981 to 1991, The series is based of the horror/pulp series of the same name.

John Sinclair Ghost Hunter

John Sinclair is the name as well as the protagonist of a popular German horror detective fiction series (of the pulp fiction or penny dreadful variety). Sinclair, a Scotland Yard chief inspector, battles all kinds of undead and demonic creatures. The series appears weekly and has been running since 1973.

John Sinclair Pulp Fiction

While falling into the category of ‘pulp fiction’, the ongoing series is yet remarkable for the relatively wide range of its vocabulary and the inventiveness of its plots.

Almost all John Sinclair stories in the series were written exclusively by Helmut Rellergerd under the nom-de-plume of Jason Dark. Very few of the earliest stories were written by other authors.

Creation of new stories is divided among Rellergard and several new authors, each of them writing separate full episodes, The new writers are attributed for their respective stories. Over the decades the Spanish painter Vicenç Badalona Ballestar has created numerous paintings and illustrations for the bestselling series.

Rellergerd narrates the stories in first person from Sinclair’s point of view whenever he is involved. At all other times, a neutral narrator style is used. In some stories, Sinclair does not appear at all. In this stories, one of John Sinclairs’ friends takes the leading role.