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German Audiobooks started in 2015 as a place to post my favorite German-language audio books. Then I got busy with life and forgot about it. Around March/April 2019. I noticed that the whole site had been deleted. I still owned the domain name. I just never updated the credit card at the hosting site and it was deleted for non-payment. So, my 2020 New Year’s resolution was to somehow recreate the site and to start posting again. That’s where we are at now and that’s why everything is kind of mixed up and a mess.

German audiobooks are a really great way to keep learning and improving German. In the beginning it was really exhausting to listen to a foreign language for multiple hours per day. Then, it become comfortable. And now, listening to German language audiobooks is a total addiction. I prefer listening to the German language more than my native English language. Listening to English language audiobooks is now a totally boring exercise that feels like a waste of time. There’s not enough challenge to listening to English books. There’s not enough sense of accomplishment. There’s not enough learning.

If you have not tried to listen to audiobooks in a different language or think that your language skills are too poor, don’t worry. Start listening to German audiobooks that are designed for young children. That’s what I did. Eventually I improved my comprehension skills and I started listening to Harry Potter books in German. Now, I can listen to any German audiobook and really understand what is going on. Without even really noticing it happen, my vocabulary grew exponentially. I say things in German that I did not even know that I learned. Sometimes I say things that I know I have never said before. Sometimes I say things in German that I don’t even know how to properly translate into English because it can only be said in German. I just automatically know that it is the right phrase to use in German. It’s an absolutely wonderful experience.

If you have not started to listen to German audiobooks, do so today. You will be glad that you pushed yourself and started learning just by listening.

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